Welcome to my web site !

My name is Peter Palágyi and main purpose of this web site
is collect information about surname
Palágyi (Palagyi)

it’s origin, family history and place to publish family trees of members of this small comunity, or should I say Family ? :-).

Any information that you might have in this regard is very welcomed. Please contact me through forum.palagyi.info, where you can also comunicate with other members. My username there is Peter.

There will be updates to this site as collection of the information and data progresses. You can use navigation bar on the left to walk through this site.

These are all the variations of this surname that I know so far:
Palágyi , Palagyi , Pelagija , Paladi

Just an small update. I was able to collect some data from churhc records in Kralovsky Chlmec (Kiraly-Helmecz). I have about 30 death, 100 birth and 55 marriege records from time period 1860-1952. If you are interested, please contact me through forum here.

Last updated: Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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