Famous People with surname  Palágyi

This is place for famouse people that either have directly surname Palagyi or one of it’s variations that can be tied to this surname. Check the menu links on the left.

So far I have two of them:

Palágyi Melchior { Menyihért }
16 Dec 1859 Paks, HU - 14 Jul 1924 Darmstadt, Germany
Hungarian philosopher and physicist that came up with space-time concept.

Palágyi Lajos
15 Apr 1866 Óbecse, HU - 7 Mar 1933 Budapest, HU
költő : Hungarina writer and younger brother of Melchior

Palágyi Lajos
9 Mar 1876 Baán, HU - 4 Jan 1932 Budapest, HU
drámai színész

Sorry that most of the text is not yet transalted into English :-(

Last updated: Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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